Cyril Lepetit

Salade Monochrome

Salade Monochrome
Salade Monochrome
Salade Monochrome
Salade Monochrome
Salade Monochrome
Salade Monochrome
Salade Monochrome
Salade Monochrome

Sensibility out of space

While in residency at the Château de Sacy, Cyril Lepetit has developed a new body of work following his research in displacement, desire and space sensibility.

Lepetit guides his audience through a journey. A ‘mise-en-scène’ of clues leads to an open and infinite game of hide and seek with the artist’s work.

An image, icon, symbol: the lettuce is reproduced, duplicated, copied. A tautological gesture, central in the exploration of the subject/object, is displaced, replaced and misplaced. The reproduction becomes obsessive, meticulous; versions of the same appear and disappear - Which one is the original?

Nature and artifice, outside and inside, merge together in a constellation of medium and matter - neon light, painting, drawing, plaster... Desire emerges as essential in Lepetit’s work, a seductive and true sentiment. Eagerness and fascination, not in a poetic sense but within the search of nature, are at the essence of human beings. Desire is suggested in hints at the encounter of the work.

The artist uses a rhythm in three different times, three colours that punctuate the audience’s journey through the residency, developing a space sensibility - a full circle is made, referring to the play on colours from the film Blue by Derek Jarman (1993) where the eye is misled by the narrative.

Lepetit links histories from a place to an object - an image that transforms and morphs within a location and becomes a memento. He displaces with brio a common imagery to an uncommon area and state, to create a shared sensitive story.

Anne Duffau

Excerpts from a conversation between Cyril Lepetit and Guy Brett, on his exhibition “Planning”, Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London, 2010

I’ve been aware of Cyril’s work since he came to London. I met him in two contexts: one is his own work which is challenging and every time different, you know, he has never settled into a style or subject matter or anything that can be falling into a habit. And the other thing I realised is he’s been very supportive of other artists, facilitating them to make exhibitions through his organisation which is called International Exhibitionist.

I really like this exhibition a lot and I mean kind of instinctively, I didn’t immediately have explanations for what I was feeling, it had a strong impact on me. I didn’t know what to expect. So one enters the exhibition completely ready for anything and having seen it I thought you were doing something particularly interesting which was to preserve this as a home – it still has a lot of traits of a home rather than an art gallery – and at the same time it’s an extremely artificial and well-constructed installation. And actually there do remain one or two mysteries for me – by the way, being mystified is a pleasure, I mean it’s not a problem – I was kind of mystified by the role of those rather exquisite small paintings which are part of the installation.

Well, another mysterious thing was that there was an ambiguity about what belonged to the house and what belonged to your show…

Previous Work


Plywood, 2010

After Love

After Love, 2008

Magic 2

Magic 2
Partially-burned plywood, 2013

Cyril Lepetit Cyril Lepetit uses various media in his work, including drawing, painting, digital photography, sculpture, sound, installation and performance. Born in Cherbourg in 1970, he studied at Ulster College of Art in Belfast (1993), and obtained his Masters at the Caen Ecole des Beaux-arts in 1995. He then lived in Paris until 1998. Following stays in Taiwan and Japan, he moved to London in 2000 where he now lives and works, exhibiting his work in the United Kingdom and around the world. E-mail: Web: Solo Exhibitions


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Ulster College of Art, Belfast (Erasmus)