James Ursell

Paintings made at Sacy

The artist at work in Sacy - photo 1
The artist at work in Sacy - photo 2
The artist at work in Sacy - photo 3
The artist at work in Sacy - montage
James Ursell Born in 1974. Lives in Dorset, UK. E-mail enquiries@jamesursell.co.uk. Web http://www.jamesursell.co.uk
Paintings, Zintler Foundation, Hamburg Paintings and video,


, Rotterdam Artist in residence at Sacy-le-Petit; Paintings and construction
Installation and video,


, 291 Gallery, London Biennial Installation,

Straw Stellu Unit Carrier

; Exhibition with Siglit Landau at the Spacex Gallery, Exeter Monumental installation,

The Garden of Love

, Dolton, Devon Street performance,

Tie a Sin on the goat

, Leicester Square, London Biennial

La Ronde de Nuit

, reconstruction of a Rembrandt painting with the population of Dolton, Devon

Mirror to Villagers of Dolton

(Butcher’s Field)

Ocean Bound

, Liverpool Biennial

Ecliptic Stelli

, Camera Obscura Volante, Lerryn, Cornwall Eclipse Camera Obscura project. Prototype construction in straw.
Continuous performances in the streets of Berlin:

The Running Man


Pantomime Horse

Cardboard table installation for 36:

Dinner number 2

- Kai Hilgemann Gallerie, Berlin Cardboard table installation for 21:

Dinner number 1

- Atelier, Sredzki Strasse, Berlin Forum Artium: Josty Branerei Gallerie, Berlin. Costumes and Ephemeral objects Pantomime Horse performance with Georgina Richardson and David Medalla -

There is performance and there is anti-performance

. DAAD Galleries, Berlin Collaborator and producer of David Medalla’s show

Rimbaud in Abyssinia

. Kai Hilgemann Gallerie, Berlin
Paintings and installation:

Table Water

, Daad Studio, Berlin Survival Art, Wales
Winchester School of Art
Constructions Nos 1-4. Ephemeral monumental architecture.
Cheltenham School of Art