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Charcoal Skin
Charcoal Skin

Web & Strand
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Web & Strand


Time passes here in a rhythmic way - the programmed church bells keep everything in sync. A watch or a clock is not necessary - one only needs to listen to the number of chimes to know that it is time to have dinner or to retire for the evening.

The trapeze that hangs in the attic moves like a pendulum. The movement of this object (once practiced on by Philippe Petit) echoes the ordered bell ringing, yet slowly swings to a stop. Trapeze Time, a short film presented on a small screen through a glass panel in a non-working clock reminds us of the importance of time (and lack of it) at the Château.

Cobwebs exist at almost every turn in the crevices of the building and grounds. The complexity of the web reminds me of hair strands, especially when a spider uses one of my own hairs to create its web. This creation vanishes overnight, emphasising the fragility of the cobweb. The films Web & Strand use cobwebs and hair strands seen through the camera lens. One is taken on a guided tour of the house and grounds where the perspective oscillates between physical movement and the dense surface of the web.

Charcoal is a material I have often used to mark the time and site of my performances. While at the Château I have investigated how charcoal is used to clean people’s bodies and their living space. A chestnut tree in the corner of the grounds was struck by lightning shortly before I arrived. I have used the ashes and charcoal from this burnt tree in the performance, Charcoal Skin. My hands, feet, teeth and dress become the document of this durational performance as the charcoal both cleans and marks my body. Charcoal Skin takes place in a small cellar where the private act of cleaning is re-affirmed - only one person at a time may witness the performance.

Ruth Scott

Before she arrived at Château de Sacy Ruth Scott had been involved in a series of works that explored the relationship between the artist and the spaces they inhabit, using various media, including video and sound installations, to test the temporal and ephemeral energy of artists working in the idiom of performance. Artists such as Vito Acconci (performance artist of the 1960’s and 70’s) were an inspiration for early works in which the artists’ physical self became both image and medium. For example work, Box Performance 2006 asks when does a tent become a canvas?

Let us imagine we are in a tent as the sun goes down. We are writing on the wall of our canvas enclosure as the chromatic texture of the world changes. Light is over-written by darkness. This inscription on the soft surface of our habitation signals our presence. The words are surfaced and reside in our absence - our marks are not merely hieroglyphs to be deciphered, they are raw marks, sparks of the primal energy from this animal that creates shelter and tools for being in space. Our tent is both a space for projection and protection, a space for imaginary nights under the stars.

Scott’s lines are never figurative but evocative of nomadic ideas that refuse to settle down. Our only defence is to draw borders quickly to repel this infinity, pulling ink across velum, biro on a pencil case, charcoal on a cave wall deep underground. It is the trace itself, the supplement of consciousness, the mirror to becoming human, light across the darkness of night.

During the residency she has defined her trajectory as a continuation of this abstract but physical mediation of her body through space. The artist will return to the supplement of drawing to explore “how our bodies can be mapped out by tracing their movements and recording their absence.”

Mark Waugh
Director of A Foundation, Liverpool

Previous Work

Ruth Scott - Blacking, Image 1

© Victoria Lucas

Ruth Scott - Blacking, Image 2

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Ruth Scott - Blacking, Image 3

© Victoria Lucas

Blacking, 2008, Performance / Video installation

Ruth Scott Born 1982, UK Lives in Philadelphia, USA Web Selected Art Exhibitions

Shin Jidai: Contemporary Japanese Book and Paper Arts Exhibit

, Minnesota Center of the Book

Made in Sacy

, group exhibition, 12 Star Gallery, London

Old Habits Die Hard

, film included in


exhibition, 129 Gallery, Berlin.


, film included in Vertical Cinema screening, Cardiff


, edited film shown at Madlab, Manchester

The Heuristics Laboratory

, group exhibition, Sideshow Commission, Nottingham


, Casa Masaccio / Museo della Basilica. Group exhibition curated by Alessandro Sarri, Saretto Cincinelli and Cristiana Collu, Italy.

Backlit studio show

, Tightrope performance, Nottingham

Hatch: Across

, Tightrope Performance, Nottingham Galleria Neoncampobase, Bologna


, Château de Sacy, Sacy-le-Petit


, Video Screening, Shoreditch, London


, lagari in Neukolin, Berlin. Showing Puddle Drawing film.


, Performance, Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle

Carbon Drawing

, Gymnasium Gallery Open 2008


, Spacia Arts Group Show, Leeds

Little Jewel Cinema Programme



for one week

Little Jewel Cinema Programme

, Waygood Gallery, Newcastle

International Flip Book Festival

Reg Vardy Gallery, Sunderland. Touring to New York, Vancouver and Philadelphia.

The Body Navigation Festival

, performance festival that took place on Elagin Island, St. Petersburg


, Nolias Gallery - group drawing exhibition, Old Kent Road, London


, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead

Point of Departure

, MA Fine Art Degree Show, Sunderland


, NISSAN Showroom, Washington, Sunderland


, MA Fine Art group show, Customs House, South Shields
Degree Show, Norwich School of Art & Design, Norwich


, The Thread Gallery, Cambridge
Norwich Fringe Festival Selected Commissions and Projects
Commissioned artist for Sideshow Commissions with group

The Heuristic Laboratory

Creative Partnerships Artist – Edna G Olds Primary School, Nottingham

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AA2A Nottingham Trent University
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Sideshow Commissions

, part of

The Heuristics Laboratory

- work mentioned in foreword by Oliver Basciano, Nottingham.

Younger Than Jesus

, New Museum, New York, PHAIDON - Artist directory; census of the generations of artists born around 1980. Work included. Gallery Experience
Research Intern, Bill Walton Collection, Fleisher Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia
Volunteering in the operations of the gallery, specifically in installing artworks and editing AV documentation. Temple Gallery, Philadelphia
Researcher of exhibitions, Castle & Elephant Gallery, Coventry Ruth Scott is a member of

Grizzly Grizzly Gallery

, a Philadelphia project space devoted to emerging and under-represented artists. Awards
Arts Council Award British Council Award - transportation grant
Arts Council Funding to purchase equipment for

The Body Navigation Festival

performance in St. Petersburg. Education
Goldsmiths College; The University of London: PGCE - Art & Design
The University of Sunderland: MA Fine Art - Distinction
Academie Beeldende Kunsten Den Haag, NL (Socrates Exchange)
Norwich School of Art & Design: BA Hons Fine Art (sculpture) - 2:1