La galerie des Belles

La galerie des Belles - photo 1 (inc. Wilma)
La galerie des Belles - photo 2
La galerie des Belles - photo 3
Wilma Wilma has recently moved from a farmhouse in an Irish fishing village to a belle époque casino in Guethary near Biarritz. Although she was born in London (1960) and studied at St. Martins College of Art (1978-82, First class degree in Fine Art), her work is usually inspired by voyages. Previous shows have been influenced by Icelandic sagas, Mexican cantinas, and Bavarian fairy stories. E-mail wilma@wilmaweb.com. Web www.wilmaweb.com. Selected shows
Guethary Guethary, Musée de Guethary, 64210 Guethary (Basque Country)

Carnets de Voyages

, Highgate Gallery, London

The Delf on the Shelf

, Shoreditch Gallery, London

Waiting for Superbarrio

, Shoreditch Gallery, London

La galerie des Belles

, Château de Sacy, France

Bavarian Jigsaws

, Seven Seven Gallery, London

Sliced Iguana

, Irish Club, London

The westernmost sofa

, Academy Club, London

Housewife of the Year

, Academy Club, London

Love Children of the Armada

, Green Street, London & Green Lane Gallery, Dingle, Ireland